At last, we can draw a line under this chapter in the life of the Village Hall, and announce that the flood damage is repaired,

  and we are open for business again and taking bookings as usual. 


  The final phase was the completion of the modifications to the Meeting Room.  Carrying this work out during the (already 

  enforced) flood closure enabled us to minimise the inconvenience to our users, and to maximise our funding by combining a          Section 106 grant, insurance payments and some of our own resources.


  The work comprises a suspended ceiling and flush lighting, new carpets and vertical blinds, replacement internal doors and

  a new fire exit.  The new stud wall, and decoration throughout, give the room a smart professional look whilst retaining a cosy        atmosphere.


  Storm Henk left its mark in every part of the Hall, and whilst there are one or two areas of decorating to be completed, a

  handful of snags to be revisited, and a couple of pieces of equipment to be purchased, all the essential work is complete.


  This has taken an astonishing amount of organisation and effort, and I make no apologies for once again offering my heartfelt        thanks to John Beynon for his endless energy, his insight into the Hall’s needs, and his uncanny ability to root out grants and          funding opportunities.  To Leigh Saunders for keeping the Hall on the radar and managing the booking situation as it unfolded,      and to our Secretary Helen Tedder and the Trustees for their support and for giving John and I the latitude to act quickly to

  get things done.  Thank you to our User Groups and hirers for their patience and encouragement.  We are so pleased to

  see so many of you able to join us once again, and to Karen for picking up the endless thread of keeping the place

  presentable for our patrons.


  Finally, a special thanks to Michael Preston and the Festival Committee of the Fleckney Flood Fund.  This was genuine local          charity at a time when it was really needed, well organised, and very welcome.


I I cannot think of a better way of closing the story than to simply include a few photographs.  Let’s hope it’s

  a long time before we see the likes this story again.



   Tim Marshall




We are very pleased to announce the reopening of Fleckney Village Hall

from 2nd APRIL 2024

 We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you whole

hartedly for your support and patience over the last 3 months. 

 The Chair and Vice Chair have worked tirelessly with the insurance company,

builders and other trades people, and have done an amazing job in getting the

Hall back into a working, habitable  condition.

In light of the devistation being faced on 2nd January this year, they have

turned the situation around to some real positives, which you will notice upon

your next visit to the hall.


May we take this opportunity to once again welcome old friends and new to 

Fleckney Village Hall. 
 Thank You.





Hello from Fleckney Village Hall


We are pleased to advise that anyone who uses the Main Hall of the Village Hall 

will be able to do so again from Monday 8th April 2024.


Please note there will be no access to the left side of the hall due to ongoing building work.

If you wish to make a booking, please do so through our bookings tab.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at



We thank you for your patience. 

Fleckney Village Hall Trustees.









  Good morning everyone.


 This is an update to the status of the Village Hall as we gradually recover, repair, and reinstate the building, and largely mirrors what will appear

 in the March edition of the Fleckney Communicata.


  The major task – and one which we have not been able to hurry, has been the drying out of the various rooms, which has gone very well, and we   have been   declared ‘dry’ (for repair and insurance purposes).  I cannot overstate the scale of the drying exercise, and to get this done as quickly as   possible has involved a   lot of moving equipment in and out of the Storage Area and various cupboards and under-stage areas.  Thanks to all the   resident users for that effort.

 This has enabled the removal of all the fans and dehumidifiers from the building, and an initial cleaning and sanitising of most areas has been   conducted.  All     the replacement furniture, ‘white goods’, blinds, carpets etc. have been valued and agreed with our insurers.    

 The Meeting Room has been stripped out and the other, pre-planned modifications to that area will take place whilst other flood damage and the   repairs to the   Main Hall take place.

 As well as losing the wooden floor in the hall, a portion of the wall in the Hall was damaged, which has been structurally replaced, but like so   much else will   require redecorating. 


 In addition, part of the base layer of the Hall floor was compromised by the flood water and must be reinstated before the flooring is ultimately   replaced.  This   is proving to be the ‘critical path’ item.  Whilst the new floor is on its way from Denmark and is scheduled to arrive in the middle

 of March, this base repair   must be completed before the floor can be re-laid.  Whilst we are working closely with our builders and the floor   suppliers,  I cannot at this stage predict when   that process will be complete, and therefore cannot give a reliable date when we can welcome Users   back to the Hall. 


 I understand that this uncertainty is very frustrating to our Users, and whilst it is tempting to give optimistic forecasts, there is little point in this   until we can   make them with certainty.  Over the next few weeks, the outlook will become clearer, and we will advise accordingly.


 In the meantime, and remembering that this awful damage only occurred 7 weeks ago, my sincere thanks to everyone involved in helping us to   make the   progress we have, and thanks to everyone for their patience and co-operation.


 Best regards


 Tim Marshall

 Chair of Trustees FVH








You may be already aware that the village of Fleckney was hit recently by severe  flooding,

and unfortunately this also impacted the Village Hall to the point where it has had to be closed

until repairs are completed, and the Hall is once again habitable and safe.

 We can only apologise for any inconvenience caused and ask you to bear with us in these unprecedented circumstances. 

 We will let you know as soon as the hall is ready to re-open. 
 Thank You.




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