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 To be retained by the Main User


 1. Fleckney Village Hall [FVH] reserves the right to refuse applications for hiring.


 2. The Village Hall and environs has a No Smoking Policy.  Any fines incurred through smoking on these   premises will be the responsibility of the Hirer of the Village Hall.


 3. The Applicant must be 18 years or over and shall not permit the premises to be used for purposes other

 than stated on the application form. Activities must be strictly limited to the areas of the premises described in

 the booking.


 4. It is the responsibility of the person hiring the hall to be in control at all times, to ensure adequate supervision   and hold the duty of care for all persos under 18 years of age, vulnerable children and adults, having due regard   for fire safety and control of consumption of alcohol by minors. 


 5. The Hirer or a representative must be present during the period of hire and agrees to pay full compensation to   FVH for any damage or loss to the building, its contents or subsequent revenues during the use of the premises.


 6. FVH has a Public Liability insurance, but it is the Hirer’s responsibility to organise insurance cover specific to   the groups’/organisations’ activity concerned.


 7. The FVH Trustees shall not be responsible for damage, loss or injury sustained by persons or organisations   using the premises (including the car park) which is used at the hirers own risk.  Where a particular hazard exists   due to the nature of the activity, (including stage performances and the use of stage equipment), the hirer must   make themselves aware of any hazard(s).  This may include (but not be limited to):

 Working at height,
 The inherent dangers associated with the raised Stage area,
 Working with electrical equipment and
 The use of Village Hall equipment and installations.

 Where appropriate, users should conduct such Risk Assessments and briefings to ensure the safety of the   personnel for whom they are responsible.


 8. Alcoholic drinks may not be sold on the premises unless the Hirer has obtained the permission of FVH and   subsequently obtained the necessary Temporary Events Notice. [TENs]


 9. The Hirer shall at all times show consideration to neighbouring residents in terms of noise and general   behaviour.  Failure to do so may result in a loss of part or whole of the deposit, at the discretion of FVH.


 10. On any evening, music at any function must end at 11:30pm unless prior authority has been granted.


 11. The Hirer must vacate the premises completely at the stated pre-arranged time of departure.  Failure to do so   may result in a loss of part or whole of the deposit, at the discretion of FVH.


 12. The Hirer shall be responsible for leaving the premises in a clean and tidy condition and returning the Hall to   its original condition [this to include toilets and kitchen area if used].  All internal lights switched off, all windows   and doors properly locked and secured, tables and chairs neatly stacked [no more than one deep along the side of   the Hall] – otherwise FVH shall be at liberty to make an additional charge.  This must be completed within the   letting time.


 13. The Hirer shall be responsible for removing all rubbish from site including soiled nappies please.


 14. FVH reserves the right to cancel the hiring in the event of the Hall being required for use as a Polling Station   for a Parliamentary or Local Government election or By-Election, in which case the Hirer shall be entitled to a   refund of any money already paid.


 15. All electrical equipment brought onto the premises by the Hirer must have a current Portable Appliance Test   [PAT].


 16. The number of persons to be allowed on the premises should not exceed 150 seated in Main Hall, 60 seated in Meeting Room and 250 standing in entire premises for dances or discos, at any one time.


 17.  A deposit [minimum £50] is required with completed Booking Form in addition to the booking fee with all   single bookings.  The deposit will only be returned after inspection ascertaining satisfactory condition of the   premises and contents, in the opinion of FVH.


 18.  [a]  Single Bookings:  Applications for a date or dates more than 12 months in advance may be subject to   annual price increases.

  [b]  Block Bookings:  Completed forms for the next calendar year are to be returned to FVH for consideration by     the end of August.  Applicants will be advised of accepted bookings by the end of September.  Your attention is   drawn to clauses 12, 17c and 18 of the Conditions for Hire.

 [c] Stage:  If use of the stage and stage lighting is required permission must be sought from FVH at least 3 weeks   prior to the event.


 19.  [a]  Single Bookings:  If less than one month’s notice of cancellation is given, the booking fee will be retained   [deposit amount to be returned where applicable].

 [b]  Block Bookings:  One month’s notice required for cancellation or reduction of hours, otherwise the booking   fee will be charged – usual rate in normal circumstances but FVH may require payment in full at their discretion.

 [c]  Hirers of the Village Hall may be required to stand down for special events at one month’s notice.  No   responsibility can be accepted by FVH for any costs or loss of revenue resulting from the hirer being asked to   stand down for a special event.


 20. In the event of the Hall or any part of it being rendered unfit for the use it was hired for, FVHMC shall not be   liable to the Hirer for any resulting loss or damage whatsoever.


 21. All portable equipment used in the Hall to be removed at the end of each individual booking or performance.


 22. Crockery and cutlery available for special functions – details on request.


 23. Payment may be made preferably by bank transfer to:


 Fleckney Village Hall

 Sort Code 08-92-99, account no. 67225572

 If not possible then cheque to be made payable to: FLECKNEY VILLAGE HALL.



 24. Any breach of the Conditions or of normal standards of good behaviour may result in expulsion from the   premises.


 25. The Hirer shall arrive promptly – the Caretaker will wait no longer than 10 minutes after the start of the hire   period.


 26. No BlueTack, Sellotape or similar adhesive products to be used on the walls or ceilings of ANY room of the   Hall premises as this will cause damage.


 27. These Conditions replace any previously published rules and regulations and will take effect from May 1st   2023.


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