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 Fleckney Village Hall was opened on 7th June 1958 after 17 years of hard fund raising by local residents, together   with grants from the Ministry of Education and a loan from the National Council of Social Services. The original   single hall made of rich red wood was a labour of love by the original committee, who completed the painting,

 glazing, plumbing, electrical work and landscaping with their own fair hands. The hall was also run by 3 teams       who took on the hall's weekly duties from caretaking to catering, so no one was employed. It was very much run   by the village for the village. Despite being a small thriving community the hall had no shortage of users with       dances, concerts, badminton clubs and whist drives making the hall the hub of village activities, which is still true   today.


 Over the last 60 years the village has grown and has seen many of the local amenities disappear, making the hall   a  vital part of village life. It provides venues for many local clubs, societies and events as well as providing the   venue for the village electoral polling station, wakes and party celebrations no matter the occasion.

 Since the hall's inception, the Hall and its land has been held under trust for the benefit of the village and is run by   Fleckney Village Hall Trustees. The Hall is a registered charity with the UK Charity Commission and is  made up   of local volunteers, user group representatives and 2 employees. The committee deal with all of the day to day   management and running of the hall including bookings, mainentance and promotions. We meet monthly at the   Hall and hold an open Annual General Meeting in June each year which anyone is welcome to attend. Contact   details are below, should you require any further information.





Tim Marshall Chairman 0116 240 4317 tim.marshall21@hotmail.com      
Leigh Saunders Hall Booking Secretary 07564 626615 bookings@fleckneyvillagehall.org.uk
John Beynon Treasurer 07710 113335     treasurer@fleckneyvillagehall.org.uk
Helen Tedder Admin Secretary please email:- secretary@fleckneyvillagehall.org.uk

Address:  Fleckney Village Hall,

School Street, Fleckney, Leicestershire, LE8 8AS

Bookings: 07564 626615


Charity Number : 1194020

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